Dog Adoption Helper Volunteer Training

UPDATE - PAWS is currently operating by-appointment only, so are not in need of new Adoption Helpers at this time. Please consider completing virtual Dog Care training or checking back later. 

We not only need volunteers to take care of the day-to-day care of the PAWS dogs, we also need Adoption Helper Volunteers to work with the public and pair them up with their new best friend. Adoption Helpers come from our pool of already committed Dog Care Volunteers and maintain regular care shifts in order to have a strong handle on our dogs' personalities and needs. 

As such, they are uniquely qualified to walk potential adopters through the dog adoption process and talk about their personalities, preferences, and what home would suit them most perfectly. Adoption Helper Volunteers work alongside our Adoption Counselors who actually process applications and complete adoptions. If you're interested in ultimately helping with adoptions, start as an Adoption Helper Volunteer to get your feet wet.

If you are a current Dog Care volunteer and wish to serve as an Adoption Helper, please email our Dog Adoption Assistant to schedule a training session. These sessions are scheduled on an individual basis by request rather than as a pre-scheduled class. You will then receive a reply from our Dog Adoption Assistant asking any follow-up questions and they will confirm if you are registered.

If you are not yet a current Dog Care volunteer, start there! Visit our volunteer opportunities page to learn how to become a Dog Care volunteer.