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Pet Partner Testimonials-Jack

Jack PAWS prides itself on our commitment to giving every animal in our care individual consideration. Sometimes that means we have dogs with special training and behavioral requirements. We pair them with volunteers called Pet Partners who train and spend time with them multiple times per week.

Let's be honest - these dogs can be challenging to place; some need to continue their behavioral training after adoption, others are not able to live with children or other animals, while some are simply terrified and need an immense amount of patience and encouragement. They are all diamonds in the rough, stuck waiting for the right person to look past their bad dog reputation and understand what they really need.

Meet Jack as described by his Pet Partner, Robin.

Dog info

Name – Jack
Age – 2
Breed - Catahoula Mix

Why you think this dog has been looked over for adoption so far? – Jack is very weary of new people, so walking through the kennel does not show how great of a dog he is. He is also a dog that has a lot of energy and needs exercise multiple times each day which can be a difficult commitment to make.

Your dog’s favorite things? – Tennis Balls! Jack lovessssss tennis balls, and playing fetch. Although the bringing it back part still needs some work, no matter how many times you throw the ball Jack will always be in fast pursuit. He also loves attention and will give you as many kisses as he can. Jack just loves to be around you, and if you leave the room he will patiently wait at the door for you until you return.

Jack the kisser

Your dog’s most important special considerations? – Jack is very nervous around new people, although once introduced Jack warms up very quickly. If you are interested in adopting Jack you would need to be aware of how to introduce him, and be open to some training so you would know how.

What kind of training have you done? -Jack is an extremely smart dog and already knows sit, lay down, shake, wait and come. We are currently working on the bring it command which he is making progress, but still needs some work. We have also been working on how he reacts to new people and introductions, which he has been improving significantly with. As long as he is corrected before a reaction occurs he does great!


Human info:

Name - Robin Derr
How long at PAWS - 1 year

Your favorite thing about your Pet Partner/what would you like people to know about your dog?-Jack is one of the most loving dogs I have met. He just wants to be around you no matter what that entails. He has all the great qualities you would look for in a dog. He will be the cuddle bug, then turn into the energetic dog and play and run, and end the day with all the kisses in the world. He is a great dog and he deserves a loving forever home.