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Pet Partner Testimonials- Ruffalo


PAWS prides itself on our commitment to giving every animal in our care individual consideration. Sometimes that means we have dogs with special training and behavioral requirements. We pair them with volunteers called Pet Partners who train and spend time with them multiple times per week.
Let's be honest - these dogs can be challenging to place; some need to continue their behavioral training after adoption, others are not able to live with children or other animals, while some are simply terrified and need an immense amount of patience and encouragement. They are all diamonds in the rough, stuck waiting for the right person to look past their bad dog reputation and understand what they really need.

Meet Ruffalo as described by his Pet Partner, Lisa.

Dog info

Name: Ruffalo aka, Ruffy Baby
Age: approx 5 years
Breed: Pit bull mix

Why do you think this dog has been looked over for adoption so far?
Ruffalo does not put his best paw forward in his kennel. When he sees people he doesn't know, he spins, barks, and jumps. He can be intimidating. That combined with the fact that he's actually shy of new people so needs to be met by appointment has not made him widely appealing to the public.

Your dog's favorite things:
Sitting on the benches around the PAWS property, belly rubs, and playing with his various canine buddies.

Your dog's most important special considerations:
Ruffy needs to meet new people properly, especially when he's with his favorite humans.

What kind of training has he had and why?
When he first came to PAWS he guarded his people by jumping up at strangers. He was also completely obsessed with other dogs, so much so that he would anxiously nip if he wasn't allowed to interact with them and hump incessantly. He's come a long way since then. He now gets along with every dog he meets and is respectful of their space and preferences.

Human info

Name: Lisa
How long at PAWS? 9 years

Your favorite thing about your Pet Partner?
He is smart and has a very funny personality. He makes me laugh every time I spend time with him.

Something you'd like people to know about your Pet Partner?
Ruffalo is now absolutely incredible with other dogs. He will thrive in a home with another dog who he can cuddle with sometimes and tumble around the backyard with other times.
Lisa and Ruffalo