Spay/Neuter Vouchers

PAWS' Spay and Neuter Assistance Program (SNAP) is designed to reduce the cost of managing a feral/stray colony or getting your cat or dog altered. Centre County residents may apply for no-cost vouchers for dogs, non-feral cats, and feral cats. 

Important Voucher Information

  • Vouchers are valid for 90 days
  • Voucher applicants must have a date for a spay/neuter with a participating veterinarian before they will be approved for a non-feral cat or dog voucher
  • Voucher holders are responsible for transporting the animal to/from their surgical appointment and following the after-care instructions provided by the attending veterinarian. 
  • Vouchers act as a coupon for a set amount off of the cost of a spay/neuter procedure. Vouchers are in no way guaranteed to cover all costs associated with an animal's care; voucher holders are responsible for all expenses above and beyond the value of the voucher. 
  • All feral cats must have their ear tipped at the time of surgery. Feral cats are "wild" cats who cannot be easily touched, and therefore the sex may not be determined until sedated. They are most often cats who will be released outdoors after being spayed/neutered, though some participants work with socializing feral kittens and ultimately find them indoor homes. 
  • Vouchers must be presented at the time of surgery check-in. Vouchers are only valid for the individual and animal for which they are issued. They may not be used by another person or rescue group or on behalf of a rescue group. 
  • Vouchers may be used at participating Centre County veterinarian offices, Allegheny Spay/Neuter Clinic (Centre Hall & Woodland locations), Oak Hollow Animal Hospital, and Rosebird Veterinary Center (feral cats only).
  • Up to 6 vouchers per household, per calendar year, are available for non-feral cats and dogs. There is no limit on the number of feral cat vouchers available per calendar year. 


Your Next Steps 

  1. Prior to completing an application check with your preferred veterinarian that they accept PAWS vouchers and their minimum age and size requirements for animals as well as the clinic's protocol for handling and scheduling of animals utilizing PAWS vouchers. Please note - you must have a date for a spay/neuter appointment before applying for a non-feral cat or dog voucher.
  2. Complete the online voucher application form for cats, dogs, or feral cats within 90 days of your scheduled appointment. Or, contact PAWS and ask for a paper application form to be sent to you. 
  3. We need a few days to process your application. We are not able to respond to same-day requests. Wait for your application to be processed and for the voucher to be emailed or mailed to you. 
  4. Follow your veterinarian's instructions related to all clinic protocol including but not limited to pre-surgical fasting, drop-off, pick-up, and recovery instructions. 

Spay/Neuter Contact Information

Phone: (814) 237-8722 extension 4