Emergency Medical Aid

Injured Stray Animals

The PAWS Emergency Medical Aid program provides financial assistance for emergency treatment of severely injured stray animals. The harsh reality of budget restrictions has forced PAWS to limit this service to "stray" animals only. We cannot extend this service to currently owned animals or to animals who are currently owned by another 501(c)(3) rescue group.

If you are currently in a situation where a stray animal is in need of medical assistance, please contact PAWS and let us know where and when your vet appointment is. We will fax over an authorization form to the vet office to help with the cost of treatment.

Phone: (814) 237-8722
Email: cats@centrecountypaws.org

If you need financial help with a vet bill for one of your animals, we recommend that you ask your vet if they offer a payment plan and see if you qualify for Care Credit.

The Humane Society of the United States maintains a webpage listing of organizations that may be able to help.

You can also look into assistance that may be available through Animal Aid and Rescue Foundation PA.