November Employee Spotlight: Dr. Nicole Guffey

Veterinarian with red scrubs sitting next to a sedated white tiger
Woman with brown hair in blue tank top holding a penguin and camera
November 17, 2023

What you do at PAWS

Along with help from the Medical Team, I provide medical care to animals under the care of Centre County PAWS; including exams, vaccination and spay/neuter surgeries.

Pets at home

10 year old PAWs alumni beagle named Chester, 4 year old, found as an injured stray, mini poodle mix named Poptart and a 2 year old one-eyed former street cat named Mabel. Also, a large aquarium with assorted african cichlids

Thing most looking forward to doing at PAWS

I am excited for the potential of what a growing medical team means for the animals coming into PAWS. I feel like the possibilities for future growth of the team and the things that we can accomplish are endless!

Favorite thing about PAWS so far

How nice everyone is! Everyone has been so welcoming since my arrival.

Favorite thing about being a veterinarian

The variety of the day-to-day and the never ending learning. Medicine is always changing and learning new things all the time is exciting!

What you can usually be found doing outside of work?

Gardening! During the warmer months, I have an extensive vegetable garden in addition to a large cut-flower garden. During colder months, I’m usually tending to my ever-growing houseplant collection that has recently included aquatic plants.

What is your perfect vacation?

Anywhere on the water!

Anything else fun or interesting people might be interested in learning about you?

I once worked on a white tiger!