February Employee Spotlight: Sydney (Syd) Allen

Syd with a little white dog
February 17, 2023

Role at PAWS

Kennel Assistant

What you do at PAWS

Kennel assistant, dog walker every Sunday; working towards being a fill in shift leader, Pet partner with rumble. Helping with dog showings, especially puppy showings, and also freedom fences transports. 

Time with PAWS

Since 2018, starting out with volunteering as a floor volunteer and then later became a dog walker and then shortly after became part of the staff, and now I help out in whatever way I can. 

Favorite thing about PAWS

My mom was the first person that drew me into PAWS. I volunteered in 2017 at another shelter. She was an adoption counselor, and I was one of the floor volunteers that would help out in the evenings with her. I also helped out sometimes with going on the transports to South Carolina. It is great to have people you work with that have the same amount of dedication to the animals that you do. I also have really enjoyed the friendships that I have gotten, whether it be human friendships or canine friendships. 

What is your perfect vacation? 

When my mom and I first started doing the transports with Freedom Fences, we had become good friends with some of the people from that organization. I enjoy going to South Carolina. This past year we actually got to check out the facility and we got to work with some of the dogs and help with the dog care, just like how we do here and we actually stayed right on the facility with the person that is in charge of Freedom Fences. 

What's the first concert you attended (or most recent)?

The more recent concert that I attended was Justin Timberlake. My mom took me there one year for my birthday, she got us tickets for my birthday, and it was probably the coolest concert I've been to in a while. My mom and I will normally go to concerts together.