What to Do if You Find an Orphaned Kitten

While raising an orphaned kitten can be a challenge, it is also a highly rewarding experience. If you find an orphaned kitten, PAWS is here to help you help the kitten(s) in any way possible. We can work with you to help provide resources such as blankets, towels, syringes, and bottles, as available. We will also work with you to get the kittens into the PAWS system when they're old enough to be shown as foster kittens. In addition, our seasoned fosters and volunteers are here to offer advice and support along the way.

The first step in helping is to make certain that the kitten is truly orphaned, and mom is not just hiding from you or off getting food. Orphaned kittens are hungry, so they will be crying for food, and will typically appear to be dirty. (http://www.animalalliancenyc.org/wordpress/2013/05/what-to-do-and-not-do-if-you-find-a-newborn-kitten/) Once you are sure, refer to some of the guides below for helping raise an orphaned kitten.

Maddie's Institute has a number of short videos and charts to help one understand what must be done to keep infant orphaned kittens alive and thriving.

Kitten Rescue has more tips and suggestion for raising a kitten.

This website has a printable PDF of all of their important information. It is a compilation of articles appearing in Cat Fancy magazine, I Love Cats magazine, as well as the wealth of experience generously shared by some wonderful surrogate moms.

For more questions call the Centre County PAWS cat-line and leave a message: (814) 237-8722 Select #1 or email us at cats@centrecountypaws.org.