PAWS Mission Statement

Centre County PAWS, Inc. is committed to:

  • placing homeless cats and dogs into loving forever homes and making a lifetime commitment to each of these companion animals
  • reducing companion animal overpopulation through spay/neuter programs and education
  • promoting responsible pet care through education and by example
  • acting as an advocate on behalf of companion animals
  • building, nurturing, and respecting the human‐animal bond, and
  • proactively seeking new approaches in the effort to end the suffering of companion animals in our society caused by cruelty, neglect, or human apathy.

We will make decisions, enact policies, and implement programs in accordance with our three core principles:

We are a non‐euthanasia organization

We believe that every animal has value and deserves a high quality of life and a permanent home, and that every animal must receive individual consideration, regardless of how many animals we take in. We believe that the life of an animal must always take precedence and that euthanasia is only an option when needed to provide a merciful end to either a state of irresolvable acute suffering, severe aggression, or severe self ‐ destructive behavior.

Volunteers are the heart and soul of PAWS

We are committed to ongoing education, training and communications so that all of our volunteers are well‐informed about organizational matters, day-to‐day operations and volunteer expectations. We believe that each of our volunteers should be treated with professionalism, warmth, respect, and compassion. We value the time and energy that each volunteer gives to PAWS and to the animals in our care. We encourage the open expression of ideas and suggestions, and we wish to cultivate the creativity and enthusiasm of each volunteer. We work to create a safe, happy, enjoyable atmosphere in which each volunteer can contribute in his or her own way and receive fulfillment and satisfaction from this contribution.

We are a community organization

Members of PAWS, donors, and the general public are essential to the success of PAWS. We are committed to treating our members, donors, and the general public with dignity and respect. We strive to create cooperative relationships with other community organizations in order to further our mission.