Dog Adoption Helper Volunteer Training

    We not only need volunteers to take care of the day-to-day care of the PAWS dogs, we also need adoption helper volunteers (we call them Floor Volunteers) to work with the public and pair them up with their new best friend. Our wonderful dogs are in search of canine lovers who can walk individuals through the dog wing and talk about their personalities, preferences, and what home would suit them most perfectly. Floor Volunteers work alongside our Adoption Counselors who actually process applications and complete adoptions. If you're interested in ultimately helping with adoptions, sign up for training to become a Floor Volunteer to get your feet wet.
    If you are an existing dog care volunteer, we offer a shortened version of this training combined with a mentor experience at the Sunday showings for those interested in also being an adoption helper.  Dates for these classes are also on the training calendar below.  Click on the training date for information on how to sign up.  You must register in advance.
    Information about the training process:
    • Training takes place in 3 parts:
      • Part 1: you’ll have training with one of our most experienced Floor Volunteers and go over the basics of working with our dogs and working with the public. This is a separate training from Dog Care Training. If you are interested in working more hands-on with the dogs, please see our Dog Care Training Information page. 
      • Parts 2 and 3, mentoring shifts: The next parts of the training includes working with a mentor to make sure that you’re comfortable coming to PAWS to volunteer after the training. You will shadow a more experienced Floor Volunteer or Adoption Counselor in order to gain more "hands on" experience for one shift. You'll also shadow with a Dog Care volunteer for 1 hour another day, to help you gain comfort in handling or our resident dogs. You can sign up for additional mentor shifts, or begin volunteering on your own once your mentor shifts are complete. 
    Additional Information:
    • Youth volunteers who are at least 10 years old, are welcome to sign up to work as Floor Volunteers during our 12-2 foster dog showings every Sunday. 
    • If you are interested in volunteering for community service and are completing less than 30 volunteer hours, please visit our Community Service Volunteers page.
    • If you have special needs considerations, please visit our Special Needs Volunteers page.
    Steps to Request Registration for Dog Floor Volunteer Training:
    • First, please fill out the Volunteer Application online here.
    • Next, please consult the calendar below for training dates, and request registration by emailing Donna at (Attn: Floor Volunteer Training) to sign up for a training date. 
      • Please note that training dates are subject to change. 
      • Be sure to include your contact  information so we can reach you if the session must be rescheduled. 
      • All volunteers must preregister for a training date. We are currently not taking any walk-ins during our training sessions. 
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    Dog Event
    Dog Floor Volunteer Training
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