• Group Volunteer Opportunities

    Thank you for your interest in volunteering with Centre County PAWS. We have numerous volunteer opportunities available for Groups and Organizations interested in volunteering with Centre County PAWS!
    • Group Fundraisers - Small fundraisers for PAWS are an incredible help to our animals and our facility. For example, a bake sale, car wash, or a donation drive can help us raise funds to feed and care for our animals. We are happy to provide you with any PAWS materials and wish lists that you may need.
      We encourage all groups who participate in fundraisers to designate where they would like their donation to go, for example: spay/neuter assistance, medical assistance, etc. If you are interested in hosting a fundraiser, please contact Chris Faust.
    • Landscaping - We are occasionally in need of group volunteers to help us with our landscaping. Typically, group volunteers will volunteer for a three-hour service day. Each group can volunteer for one day per semester.  Landscaping Volunteers can request a tour of the facility after their shift is over, but we cannot guarantee a meet and greet with animals. asks can include:
      • Raking leaves out of flowerbeds
      • Deadheading and cutting back perennials
      • Cultivating
      • Edging of beds
      • Mulching
      • Light pruning 
      • Weeding 
      • Spring washing of screens and windows
      • Fall removal of screens/wash windows 
      • Clean and straighten memorial signs
    Dates available:
    All dates for 2017 are filled. We will resume group volunteer activities in mid-April 2018.

    If interested, please email Megan at megan@CentreCountyPAWS.org
    • Volunteering with the PAWS Animals - We understand that many organizations would like to volunteer together helping our animals. We appreciate your interest, but due to our limited resources and staffing, groups must select an initial core unit of 4 to 6 members to attend a training. That core unit will be required to fill at least one AM or PM shift for four continuous weeks. If more members would like to be trained after those initial four weeks, we can setup a training class for a larger group.
      If you are interested in volunteering with our dogs and cats under these parameters, please visit either the Dog Volunteer Training Page or the Cat Volunteer Training Page to learn how to sign up for available training dates.
    Thank you for your interest in volunteering with Centre County PAWS! Any additional questions can be directed to Lisa Bahr